AGP World brings to you the poignant and enthralling musical adaptation of Devdas that conveys the vicissitudes of star crossed lovers. This amazing musical is an immersive, heart touching experience that incorporates mesmerising songs woven along with sensational choreography of dances and marvellous gravity defying aerial displays on sets of unparalleled grandeur.

Devdas the book is a larger-than-life and spectacular interpretation of the most famous love saga in Indian Literature, penned by legendary Indian writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

It is the story of Devdas and Paro, childhood sweethearts who harbour intense feelings for each other. They are torn apart when Devdas is sent away to Bombay by his father, a local zamindar (landlord), to study law.

Decades later when Devdas returns to his home town, now a handsome lad, love between Devdas & Paro grows stronger and Paro asks him to marry her. Their dreams are short-lived... Devdas is forced to reject the proposal as Paro does not match the status of his family. Stunned by this ordeal, Paro agrees to marry an elderly widower. Devdas drowns himself in sorrow and seeks solace in the company of a glamorous courtesan, Chandramukhi. It is now his destiny to hurtle on relentlessly on the path of self-destruction.

Now AGP World shares this new adaptation a work of art and heart that brings the classic tale,
of star-crossed lovers, alive!


The Adaptation

Devdas - The Musical is based on the Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay novella Devdas, probably one of the most famous love sagas in Indian Literature.


The Legacy

It is a narrative centered around love in seperation & the story has become one of the touches ones of popular Indian Cinema.


The Highlight

For the first time, AGP World brings this classic on stage in all its splendour that will spellbind you by its sheer spectacle and creativity.


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